Current Courses

  • 2016 Spring: I543 Interaction Design Methods
  • 2016 Spring: I694 Capstone

Past Courses

  • I300 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction (F2011)
  • I528 Participatory Design (S2014)
  • I543 Interaction Design Methods (S2014, S2013, S2012, F2011, F2010, F2009, F2008)
  • I590 Advanced Prototyping (F2012, F2013)
  • I590 CSCW (S2008, S2009, S2010)
  • I609 PhD Seminar in HCI (Topic: Affective and Intimate Interactions)

Graduate Student Formal Advising

In addition to regular teaching and PhD student advising through rotation and PhD research, I have also formally advised and mentored graduate students of their Master’s thesis/Capstone and independent studies since 2005, including serving as the faculty advisor of the student-organized Tabletop Research Group 2008-2012.

Topics for graduate level independent studies, MS Capstone projects, and PhD research I have supervised over the years include Research through Design, critical design, gender and design, sustainable HCI, personal informatics and surveillance, ICT4D, domestic technology design, sexual interactions, digital memories, DIY and appropriation in HCI, intimate interactions, affective computing, material interaction, and wearable computing among others.